Click on the first x number of video on Youtube


I’m trying to extract data from video page from Youtube, the only part I’m missing is to actually have a loop to click on the first x video on the page. Tried with data scraping, but the link to the video won’t show up. Any one have a idea?


Hi @MaxyArthes

In the data scraping option wizard, did you click on get the url checkbox which generates the url for you?

Yes, but its keep getting empty result for the URL

I just checked and for me I get the URL

what browser are you using? I’m using Chrome, might be why?

I used firefox…

Try with internet explorer, it’s the most stable one with Uipath… that should work for you

somehow, I’m not able to work at all with IE, every time I try to select a element in IE, my screen goes black for fews seconds. That why I only use Chrome at the moment, but I managed to fix my problem using another selector to get the information I needed without actually clicking on the video. Still gonna mark your answer as solution tho as its work for those using IE or Firefox.

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hmm… I wonder why its not working for you in Chrome. I just opened up chrome and tested the same in that and I was able to get the URL. Looks like something is wrong in yours. Have you tried updating the extension etc.?

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