Click on Filter in Sap


Hello friends,
(@balupad14 )
how is it possible to click on the filter image and then in the column name in SAP, precisely with SETC?
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Camilla :slight_smile:


Highlight the column by using ‘click image’ to click on the column name.
Click the ‘set filter’ by using another ‘click image’.
Type the name of the status in the filter input field and press enter.
Use a ‘click’ activity to click on status.


Hi @CamiCat,

Using the UiExplorer. get the element . and in the selector element try to find the element. Try to use in the click event element.



Hi @CamiCat,

Did you achieve the solution.



This will not work in SAP. These buttons in SAP are not identifiable as individual elements. So, a click image must be used. Can be very frustrating :confused:


Yes @balupad14.
Think you to your advice :grinning::grinning: