Click on each of the same web elements on a page

Hello dear experts, I would like to click on each of the same web elements on a page in the weba browser. The elements are arranged one below the other on the page. The bot should click on the elements one after the other and automatically scroll down. How can I implement this?it’s a website and i just want to click on the hearts one by one and automatically scroll down when they’re all liked.


Check the attribute of the element and find what is the difference between the each symbol let’s say 1st has j1 and next one has j2.we can implement the counter in selector then using do while loop click the element by incrementing the counter.

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your find children activity selector is wrong,

you have to select the whole page
and set filter property to this
"<webctrl class = 'SVGInline-svg SvgImg_SVGInline-sc-gmpgdo-0-svg hua-dGa.svg' >"

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Hi @Maxi_B

Try using for each ui element that is for the exact same purpose


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