Click List of Link One by One

Hello Everybody,
I have to click on link one by one.



Please elaborate for better help, do you have all the link details somewhere as data table or in a list?

one webpage that contain list of PDF file link.
i have to do is click on the link one by one and download that PDF file.
and name of the link i already store in datatable.


Loop the datatatable and form a dynamic selector with the row value, using click activity with the dynamic selector download the PDF files.

Check this post for similar usecase,

i do that also but the problem is
<a href="path" uipath_custome_id="1">Link 1</a>
<a href="path" uipath_custome_id="2">Link 2</a>
<a href="path">Link 3</a>
my link structure uipath created like this so link1 and link2 download but link 3 not click


@ Urvin_Sanghavi Hi,

Why dont you make a datatable with your link
Then open a browser and use navigate to “YourString”

And if you are alreay getting your links from a website use datascrping to get the links and then

For each row navigate to “row(1).toString”

GL with your project

Thanks @Luis261980
But the Problem is i have List of the name not the path of the link.
so how can i click on link using name.
<a href="path">Link 1</a>
<a href="path">Link 2</a>

Link 1
Link 2

Can you show some website excemple ?

becouse this is text not links:
<a href="path" uipath_custome_id="1">Link 1</a>

Or you have like
<a href="" uipath_custome_id="1">Tes1</a>

And you whant like\Tes1

can you explain more ?

Hey @Luis261980

forget that
just tell me how to click on link one by one ?

i have List of link like this
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

  • First I have to Click on Link 1 and the Click on Link 2 and then Click on Link 3.


Try this its made with datascrap and with becouse im from Portugal :slight_smile: (11.1 KB)

Can use find children here to get each of these links and to click on them

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