Click in row of table from data scraping

Hello all,

I have a website whose content resembles a table. I get the content via data scraping. To do this, I lift a comparison value that is to be searched for in the table area of the website and when it is found, it is to enter a number in the associated field.

To do this, I have limited the range in the For Each loop with Attach Browser, but it does not click in the associated field.

How do I get this to work?


Use Click activity and inspect the Selector

Inside the selector you have to pass the variable name

But you are placing directly the row which will not work

Hope this may help you



  1. Please ensure that the selector is having a variable in it to hold that value from datatable which is extracted

For how to create a variable in selector
Refer this

  1. And also check whether the selector is handled with wildcard symbols * for dynamic value

  2. For more details on extraction and click further row by row
    Refer this similar thread

Cheers @NHoe

that was the right hint, now it works, thanks

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