Click Image -> Load/Save Image (<---- What are these?)

I understand that I need to grab some part from the monitor but why load and save for a click image activity? What are the use cases for them?


load image you can add any image that refers to that particular ui element and save image is nothing but you can save that particular selected Ui Element
in your case it’s your Folder Icon if you click on save image that folder icon will be saved in your local folder!

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Usually in image based activities we can find these options
And here in CLICK IMAGE activity the first option

Grab from screen - it’s used to choose the region of image that we want to click that is on clicking that it will help us to set the region of image we want to click

Load Image - you can upload the image that you would to refer that image which is going to be clicked

Save Image - this option will help you to save the image loaded to the activity
Usually we could see these images in screenshot folder of the project

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Save Image seems handy except it seemingly saves a screenshot not directly downloading the exact image file from the web. Is there any ready-made activity that I could download pictures from web (not screenshot)?


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I hope we don’t have any such buddy
But if that image lies inside any specific window and always at same position then we can try to grab that region alone with TAKE SCREENSHOT activity

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Will there be an issue of image quality?

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Not at all buddy