Click excel button


I need to click an excel button, it doesn’t have a selector so I think I have to execute a macro. The problem is that it seems there aren’t macros in this excel. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

You need to enable developer mode in excel file then open file.
To enable Developer.
Click on file top left → click on options → Click Customize Ribbon

Click On Trust Center

enable macros

I did it but the macros have passwords

@mmarcos what do you mean by password.

I download this excel file from a web and the macros are not visible for the users:

@mmarcos is it any organization base file, who is the owner of this?

It’s my own organization but I’m doing a work for another department

@mmarcos Yes Contact with them and enable it or get password for it

It’s not a solution… Thank you

@mmarcos Other than that I have no option except macro