Click button not work

I am using for loop for submit web form and after submit the web form click on close claim button
First time it work but second time not able to click on close claim button.
its always goes to element exist inside if condition but not able to click on submit claim button
I already try click activity also but this also not work As mention in screen shot

Can you check if the element exists activity is returning the value TRUE @Aditya10989?

yes I am getting value true

Then Use click activity and pass the same selector to click activity @Aditya10989. If you are getting the value in any pop up, then use attach browser activity and click activity inside

same selector means pass same selector in click activity which I am using in element exist…?

yes, exaclty. Pass the same selector. It will click on the item which you are find in element exists

yes I both the selector are same if I am using click activity this is not able to click on close claim button even single time. hot key work fine but only one time.As mention in screen shot

If it is working fine, place it inside retry scope and let it send the hot key for more times. so that it will work in any one of the try @Aditya10989

Ok I am checking in retry scope mention two activity one is action and 2 condition. In action I passed hot key and in condition what I need to pass …?


@HareeshMR if the page size is large not cover in screen to click on claim button scroll the page this can also effect the not able to click on claim close


I don’t understand this @Aditya10989

Can you explain a bit

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@HareeshMR thanks for help resolved

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