Click Activity w/ Dynamic Selector


I am trying to click on a ‘Download List Here’ link on this given URL:

I should first state my main goal is to download this PDF. I do not care about how that is done, any alternative methods that will be easier is much appreciated.

That being said, as of now we are left clicking on link and Ctrl+S to save the file for downstream process.

My problem is that I have many links that follow this exact same path just with different URLs, my goal was to create a spreadsheet that will hold the link selectors for each URL.

The concept works when I try to click on this link with the hardcoded selector shown here:

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘GwinnettTaxCommissioner > Property Tax > Tax Sale Excess Funds’
webctrl aaname=‘Download List Here’ parentid=‘dnn_ctr695_HtmlModule_lblContent’ tag=‘SPAN’

My goal is to sub out the ‘Download List Here’ with a var. However, whenever I try to do this I receive a ‘generic click error’.

So to reiterate, when I use the hardcoded selector above it works fine. Yet, when I include the ‘Download List Here’ in the excel file which then gets inputted in var that goes inside selector is when I receive the error.

Any ideas?


Did you try getting “href” attribute by using Get Attribute?

If that has the your PDF url or atleast an extension(you can Join url attib+ href attrib) to get the download path.

You can use that variable to download the PDF using Http Request Activity

Thanks so much!

Will definitely try and let you know!

Hmm no luck ;/

I keep getting

Any ideas?

Share your xaml

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Main (8).xaml (35.9 KB)

All the data needed for this task is under the ‘Vvaidya’ sequence.

Keep in mind, I can’t use the Get Attr activity without getting above error.

However, the activities above it is the problem I have been having with simply subbing out the aaname prop with a var for the selector used in Click activity.

My goal is to dynamically point to each individual link included in the list of URLs…all should have an aaname prop thus this would be the one to point to (I imagine?)

I’m not exactly sure if you can just leverage on aaname to click on a link, there are other dynamic attributes in a selector. ( others can confirm)

If you have the download links in a row, you can use get children attribute and check if the aaname has “download” keyword in for each loop and click on each download link.

In your case you need to add clipping Left 30(play around) to click activity else robot is not clicking on the link

Next step would be to download the link.

For your reference