Click activity not working while running through orchestrator

I am performing click activities on excel sheet based on cursor positions.
To perform the above activity: Excel application scope
2.Maximize window
3.Click activity using cursor position.

Issue faced: The above workflow is working as expected when executed through UIpath studio but is failing to perform the clicks in the specified positions (cursor position) if executed as a job through Orchestrator.

Note: If I log into the Machine while the orchestrator is running the job, then the click activities click as expected in the specified positions. But if the orchestrator runs in the background the clicks are not happening as expected and the bot clicks in different positions.

I tried using send windows message method but that did not work.

I am suspecting this might be either a resolution issue(the resolution is different if the bot is running in background and hence the clicks are not as per the cursor positions as specified) or Excel Maximization issue(The excel is not maximizing due to which the clicks are not happening on the excel)

Can someone suggest what could be the issue here and any possible fix for this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like resolution issue.Below articles can help:

Is this happening when you are running from studio?

Did you use Attach Window then the Maximize activity using the window variable?
Also, yes the Invoke Interactive resolved many issues like this for me. You will just need to make sure you use the right settings like I used 1920x1080 and 32bit depth.

Alternatively, (and what I’m finding very useful) is to use “Type Into” and keystrokes. For example,
“[d(alt)]hor[u(alt)]SheetName” will access the Format menu and Rename Sheet

So you might consider the alt+key combination shortcuts



Its working as expected from studio. The Excel is maximizing and the clicks are working as expected as per the specified cursor positions. The issue is through orchestrator.

Used the interactive workflow and its working now as expected. Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: Works fine when I used the interactive workflow!