Click activity not working under any circumstances

hello, the activity “Click” is not working in any possibility, it seems that it is not recognizing it… be it in search fields or icons, in the browser, and in any other program, do you know what it might be, please?

Hi @Guilherme_Silva ,
Are you using package “UiPath” “v21.6.26.797-preview” ? Try to lower it down to previous stable version. I had similar behaviour with this release.

Hi @bruno40 and @Guilherme_Silva . Could you please provide details of the Click failing with 21.6-preview? Can you please share the workflow where Click fails? Thank you

Here is a sample of failing click activity. Downgrade package “UiPath”. “Click” works again.
Bruno (35.7 KB)

@bruno40 you have 2 UiPath package dependencies at different levels. Please remove the 21.6-preview one:



It works, thank you very much

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