"Indicate target on screen" does not work - my first automation lesson from UiPath Academy course

Hi everyone,

I am a new person here. Totally a new kid on the block.
My supervisor asked me to learn UiPath, and once I started my first automation I got a problem.

I went to course “RPA Starter” in UiPath Academy. I have just started “Biuld Your First Automation” and I got stuck at the moment where I should indicate target on screen - matching the search bar where there is written “currency TO USD” (I am talking about this lesson: UiPath Academy )

My “Indicate target on screen” just does not work. I hover over the search bar and click on it, but I get only the green frame without any detection.

May I ask anyone of you for any help, please?

With kind regards,

Hello @tomaszbialek.nauka,
Welcome to the uipath forum

Are you automating on the website??


when you have the green frame and press confirm doesn’t work ?

Hi everyone,

I resolved it (it finally worked yesterday, and I hope it will be working all the time :slight_smile:)
What I have done:
→ I have two screens (monitor + laptop), I moved chrome to the laptop screen,
→ I turned off “show bookmarks bar” on my browser (I have there a lot of useful shortcuts for my work).

And after that it worked.

Many thanks for your engagement raj.parsana and studioX

PS: studioX, it was exactly as you have written - I had a green frame, but confirmation button was inactive.

Once again thank you for your replies! :slight_smile: