Clear the file



I have appended the DocumentAppend text. Now the query is, how should i clear thqt document? Once it’s done


@hemal, How to delete data present in a text file
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That’s I had but it’s giving me the error like Archive file cannot be size 0


@hemal, I could do it ! Its emptying the file perfectly.

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that’s the same. What’s extra? you just added message box ! :smiley: actually I am clearing that file but then again when i use it i am getting the error like, Archive file cannot be size 0


@599712 true. Even I was doing the same and it’s working too. But the thing is, I am unable to use it again.



I have done it. I am appending each line in the document and sending a mail. After completed that, I am deleting that file and when the process starts again, I check if file path exists or not.

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@hemal, Superb and thanks for the updation !

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