Append Text

Hello guys!

I have a question about a process that I have been working on.
I will explain it so you know all the detalils
I have a total of 4 pdf files that I have to read and extract certain data from it, aftewards write the extracted data into a single text file.

I managed to extract the data using the Read PDF with OCR activity and split the data in order to get the exact words that I need.

Now I would like to write one text file with all the date from the 4 pdf’s but I did not manage with the append text activity or maybe I am not useing it correctly.
I receive this messege
Append Text: Archive file cannot be size 0.

Can anyone help me regarding this?

Thank you

hi @Gabriel2 check this link

Sorry, I don’t understand.
I need to write the data from all the 4 pdf’s in one text file. Why do I delete it?


I suppose Append Text activity is designed for Word document. (Is it included in UiPath.Word.Activities package?)

So, can you try Append Line activity if you want to append to text file?