Clean a sheet from excel file

i want to clean a sheet from an excel file and paste new data, the workflow below doesn’t work,
any help please?

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Hi @rchabbeh,

Simply delete the sheet and Add a new sheet.

Delete sheet and add a new sheet activities available in here.



I used delete range activity but nothing changes in the file!

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No . Use the delete sheet activity…

Thank you

Hi @rchabbeh

First delete filter data sheet. Use this package Balareva.Excel.Activities and use delete sheet
activity find this package in Manage package.
I have create workflow based on your requirement please run and check before run this
workflow please change the path where you save excel file path and then run I hope you will
get solution.

by using delete activity you can delete entire excel file not sheet. If you want to delete sheet alone use delete sheet activity.

First install this package (Balareva.Excel.Activities) in manage package and then you will get delete sheet activity. (32.9 KB)

Kommi Jeevan.

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thank you very much for this !
how can i clean the sheet without delete it ?

Hi @rchabbeh

Use assign activity and say it as Dt.CLear or clone

Ashwin S

You could try Delete Range with the range set to “A:XFD”.