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Hi Team,

How to read a table in Citrix Environment, can i know the best the way to read the data can save it into a datatable.
I am providing the table image,


The approaches that i have tried,

  1. Worked with data Scrapping but as it is Citrix environment it is taking as a image could not get the table.
  2. Also worked on Citrix recording -> Scraping Relative but but could not get effective results.

Any suggestion will be helpful

Thanks in Advance

  • Use Screen scraping and read the table as string.
  • Use Generate Datatable. It can convert string to Datatable. You need to provide column seperator as space and row seperator as environment.newline.
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hi @Vivek_Arunagiri,

As per your suggestion, tried working on the table trying to screen scrap, but by default the first row will be selected when trying to read the selected text it is showing as a junk value how to filter that and get the exact text


Is there any ways to exports data as excel?

nope, not there as it is in citrix environment we dont even have shortcuts access and cannot copy any text from that environment.

Is there any way to deselect the row.

And, If you select any other column which you don’t require, you will be able to fetch all the values.

Before you do screen scraping try to click outside of the table then do screen scraping.

No, couldn’t find any way to deselect the row. The next thought that, I have is to navigate to each entry and open them and copy the data but in that solution how can i tell my system that i have reached the last entry of the table.

tried but not possible.

Worked with BA and got few more short cut key strokes with which I am able to save the data to EXCEL file and do the rest of the processing.

Thank u all for your suggestion and help

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Great. Please mark the thread as solved.

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