Citrix application screen closure issue

Hi Team,

I am using close application activity to close the citrix application. I checked through debugging that the bot is closing all the screens all at once. But when i am running the bot for the second time immediately or the bot is retrying after facing any issue then the bot is directly jumping to 3rd or 4th screen . Ideally it should start with the first screen. But when i am running the bot after 1 hour then everything is fine. it is again starting with the first screen. cannot understand what is the issue. How to solve this ?

Hi @mannu.1996.08,
You your describe step-by-step what your automation is exactly doing eventually attach some screenshots. Based on what you said I can only quess that some actions in your automation are triggered faster that what happens on the screen (latency, delay). In debugging process all is triggered slower that’s why it can be ok during debug process.