Need to work on API Based automation, please help me out how can i learn API based to get more details

Hi All,

Please help me out where i am getting unknown popup in citrix application. due to this application is stucking here only and not moving further to next steps.
Please help me out how to bypass these unknown popup and rest of the code will work fine.

Thanks in advance for Appreciate your help and support

@Rahul1 use image exists activity to check for the window. If image exists, do required actions to by pass otherwise workflow will continue normally.

Is this pop up different every time?

Hi Manjuts90,

I used image exists activity but it is not working because there are 4-5 images are already opened that time.
When i clicked to particular application it will open different screen and again when i tried to click to open details . so that time it will 4-5 screen at same time, i tried but still not working.

Hi /Pllo2ptk,

Yes different popup comes