Chrome "crash restore bubble" "Restore files?" and how to disable

This has been a major annoyance to me, and so far I haven’t found any workable solutions from the forums. Through other sources I found this solution to preventing the “Restore pages?” ie crash restore bubble from appearing.

In the Use Application/Browser activity, in the Arguments property, add --hide-crash-restore-bubble:


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Have you explored using incognito mode instead and avoiding these popups entirely as they will have no concept of previous pages or files?

I’ve seen reports of incognito causing other issues, so I didn’t try that method. But it might be a viable option if the argument doesn’t work the way we expect.

I’ve used incognito for years and find it to be super consistent and stable, the only issue can be after an update for UiPath the chrome extension resets so that allowing it to work in incognito resets to false but thats easy to fix.