Chrome Close Tab not working unattended robot


My workflow Uses Open Browser activity->Browser:Chrome, NewSession:true and
Close Tab activity at the end ->Input Browser:Output UiBroswer from Open Browser activity.

This works fine in attended mode, but in unattended execution I found that ‘sometimes’ Chrome tab is not closed.This results in multiple tabs open in Chrome window when next execution of robot starts.

Expected behavior: Close tab should close the current tab, thereby every time robot executes, a Chrome window is opened with single tab.

Already tried: Ctrl + W, Close Application but no luck. I am not sure if Kill Process Chrome could be a good approach as there might be other robots using Chrome on the same node(HD environment)

Attaching a sample where this is reproducible.To verify please execute via orchestrator scheduled job running every minute , issue is reproducible within first few attempts.

Any suggestions would be helpful.Main.xaml (7.8 KB)

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Hi @Amrita.Hegde

I believe if you search the forum, you will find some power shell or command line scripts that can kill the process based on the user, which could help here a bit (I hope).

Also, could you try to implement a check for the existing tab and eventually retry the tab closing activity based on that check until successful?

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What version of Studio/Robot did you use?

Couldn’t reproduce after 24 runs with your attached workflow using 2018.4.1.
All screenshots taken show only 1 tab.

Thanks for the suggestions! I am using 2018.4.1 , but noticed that the issue was not reproducible on all machines. I was able to workaround the issue by placing a small delay after Close Tab.

I read a few posts regarding Kill Process leading to unexpected results when using UiPath Chrome extension, and was so hesitant to try this out(even with Kill Process for specific user). But I appreciate your help and will probably give it a try if the issue reoccurs.