Choosing specific workflow changes from 2 branches

Lets say I have 2 branches both with the same workflow (NavigatetoManageReports.xaml) in conflict like the picture below.

The left branch has a sequence end log message (“Navigated to Manage Reports Tab.”)
The right branch has a sequence start log message (“Navigating to Manage Reports Tab.”) AND an edited sequence end log message (“Navigated to Manage Reports Tab”)

Is it possible to choose the right branch with the sequence start log message but with the edit of left branch sequence end log message?

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Hi @pmilanraajp

The solve conflicts will show what are the changes that you are done in the workflow. You have added one log message at starting of workflow. In the top of the bar of solve conflicts window there is two options choose left and choose right. If you want to update the right side workflow click on choose right option. Then the flow will be updated at right side. Then hit on save it will take the right and update the Process.

Hope it helps!!

It will take the workflow as is from the right branch if i choose right, but is it possible to add the edited code of the left branch to the right branch and then choose the right branch?

click on choose left, afterwards choose right is offered

In above solve conflicts window, it will show the old workflow in left and modified workflow in right.
You have added one log message at start and you have modified the property of log message which is at last.

If you want to go with the edited one, then choose right.
If you don’t want the modified one, then choose left.

Based on choose of option it will update.

Hope you understand!!

I see, so there is no way to pick and choose which changes on a branch will be merged to the right?

You cannot pick the changes but you can see the changes in solve conflicts.
If you want to modify this you can go to back and modify the changes. @pmilanraajp

In solve conflicts it shows the added activities, modified activities and removed activities for your clarification.

Hope you understand!!

Ah ok, thanks for you help.

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