Checking if Desktop Application is Responsive

Hello Community here Luis Fernando Pazos

I’m having trouble while trying to check if a desktop application is “responsive.” The scenario is this: I’m developing a sequence that should open and log in to an application, and after being logged in, I would like to check if the application is responsive by essentially checking if a UI element is available or not. The issue here is that when trying to use any of the UI activities to check for the element, none of the elements are recognized by the tool. I’ve tried both Classic and Modern activities, and none of them work. (You may check the video below)

What Im asking here is for any recomendation on what could I do to achieve the verification without using any UI activity. What are my options?

Thank you very much for the attention in advance.

I´ll be waiting for your(s) feedback, Rergards.


What application is it?

It looks like cmd prompt

There are no clicks that you can do on it ai believe…if cmd type…then use start process or invoke power shell to communicate with it

Also can try with cv activities …


Hello @Anil_G Thank you for your response

Start Process doesn´t work

The last time I tried using CV activities I didn´t have great response, but I might give it another shot.

Im not familirized with Powershell just yet. I´ll start to study about.

I´ll let you know if any advancement comes out.


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If you do a Use Application/Browser and then Get Text, do you get the text that’s on the screen? If so, you could then check for a certain value appearing on the screen after logging in (ie screen text contains something specific) - which would indicate it successfully logged in.

Hello @postwick Use Application doesn´t work as good, It does identify the window but for some reason its not able to open the application. Get Text doesn´t work, as shown in the video above, none of the Ui activities works.
Let me know what you think, thank you.

You don’t want it to open the application, the application is already open. Set the Open and Close properties of the Use Application/Browser to Never.

However, I suggest trying the classic Get Text, Get Full Text, and Get Visible Text activities. On your activities panel, click the filter at the top and make sure “Classic” is checked. Then search “Get Text” and you’ll see:


These may work because they don’t need to be inside a Use Application/Browser. They can get their own window selector. So without a Use Application/Browser, just add the classic Get Text, click Indicate on screen, and indicate the application window.

I tried @postwick but it doesn´t work :melting_face:. None of the Ui activities is able to identify elements inside the application.

They don’t need to identify elements inside the application. Use Get Text without the Use Application/Browser. Just add the Get Text activity on its own. Then indicate the window itself.

Yeah , that´s what I did and I didn´t work.

Did you try Get Full Text and Get Visible Text?

Must be an atypical application. The only other thing I can think of is Get OCR Text, but OCR isn’t very reliable and therefore may not work well for determining if the app state changes.

I notice it says something about SOAP. You know you can do web service requests from within UiPath activities, right? You don’t need a client.

I dont know much about web services requests. How can that help me if you dont mind introducing me.

I don’t know if this video is any good, but lots of things like this can be found with a simple Google search:

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