Image exist activity query

Hi All,

We have a requirement where we need to search if a set of images exist in a PDF file containing scanned images. Below are our questions.

  1. Does Image exist activity scan for the image in the entire PDF file or just the area of the PDF that is view-able on the screen? Do we need to have the bot scroll down and scan the rest of the file?
  2. Any other alternative to Image exist you can suggest? We are getting inconsistent results when checking for the images. The bot sometimes recognizes a image which is not in the PDF.

Thanks for your help.

1- Yes, I think the “Image Exist” Activity just scan the view-able area, you have to scroll down the file.

2- Try to use the “Find Image” activity, and then use the “Highlight” activity to see what your bot is recognizing as your image. You could use this to adjust the Accuracy parameter of “Image Exists”.

Let me know if work :slight_smile:

i had tryed the second option but it does not work