Checking for System Exception

can anyone tell how to use this if activity?

My objective is to check whether system exception has occured or not?


Can you share content of error message?(please hover on the red icon)
If it’s not defined, can you check variable panel etc?


Hello @Mohammad.Fuad

  1. Add an “If” activity to your workflow.
  2. Set the condition in the “If” activity to check if the “exception” variable is not empty (exception IsNot Nothing).
  3. In the “Then” section, add activities to handle the system exception.
  4. Optionally, in the “Else” section, add activities for the case when no exception has occurred.
  5. Connect the “If” activity to the rest of your workflow.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

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Hi,try this way

strexception is of type boolean


If you use SystemException as variable, can you try to rename it to other name because cannot tell the variable and class apart.



Change the variable name to something else than the reserved keyword and use below in condition.

exceptionVar = Nothing

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