Check your knowledge - Question about adapt to different devices and screen sizes

Following the course “Automation Developer Associate Training”-Advanced Selection Window, one of the final questions is:

Let’s assume, you’re tasked with automating the testing of a website that needs to be compatible with different devices and screen sizes. You want to ensure that your automation can adapt to the responsive nature of the website.

Which option from the selection window would you choose to address this requirement?

  • Choose one of the options below.

Enforce Visibility

Native Text Target

Responsive Website

Dynamic Text Target

Having studied the following text during the course, shouldn’t the correct one be “Responsive Website”?

Enforce Visibility: an option that makes sure elements are only selected and interacted with if they are visible on the screen, enhancing automation accuracy.

Responsive Websites: the capability to automatically adapt and adjust the anchor’s position to accommodate changes in layout, enabling automation of websites that are designed to be responsive.

The submit button says “Enforce Visibility” as the correct one

thanks :slight_smile:

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