Check to see if chrome.exe is running

I’m having a problem where I need to run an operation through Chrome, but don’t want to open a new window if it’s already running. I’ve already tried using the “Element Exists” activity, but it doesn’t work unless the original tab is in the window. I basically want to be able to use a boolean if Chrome is running at all, regardless of the current state of it’s tabs, etc. If it is running, then continue workflow. If not running, then open browser and continue workflow. I can’t figure out how to get element exists to return true when the element is different from when I originally indicated it onscreen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Of course I solve my problem almost immediately after posting this. I must have done something wrong when I tried using the wildcard * under the “title” section in the selector. Everything is working fine now, in case someone else has this problem.

A more reliable way would be to use the get processes activity. This returns a list of processes. Iterate through the collection and see if process.ProcessName = chrome. If so, boolean = true

This would mean even if chrome was open in the background, or didn’t close properly, or isn’t responding, it will still detect that it’s running

I am trying to close all active chrome browsers before opening new browser.I have used hotkey(Alt+F4).It is working fine if any chrome window is already opened.I am facing issue If I don’t have any opened browser.If it not found any opened browser it is throwing exception could not fine UI Element.Please suggest some way