Check sheet name ( exists )


Hi All,

I have a script that process xls files, I want to process only files that has a specific sheet and not process the rest . Is there way to check if a sheet exists in the file it opens.

I use a for each file to process the files.





This flow gives me all the sheet names but how do I check if a particular sheet exists.




I am not getting “Get Sheets” in my community edition. I tried in trail version also.


Sometimes I don’t get intellisense for WorkbookApplication, check if you are getting any compile error else you should be good.


Yaa intellisense for workbook Application is not working .
Its working if write directly.
How to find which is Supported by Workbook Application.


If not too much try adding Excel Application Scope again, until then fyi…

How to get all the possible methods/properties of UiPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication object

thanks a lot


Can u give some test xaml on ReadEntireRow and ReadRange property of workbook application


May I ask why are you not using activities? I would do that.

Regarding your concern, I don’t think workbook ReadRange can be implemented in UiPath as it is multi dimensional array (others can chip in) althogh you could use Custom Activity

wb.xaml (8.4 KB)