How to check if a sheet exist in an Excel file (StudioX)

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I saw one similar question asked before. ( How to check if a sheet exist in excel file - Help - UiPath Community Forum) And the problem is solved by Studio “Get workbook sheets” activity.

However, I now using StudioX and I cannot see any “Get workbook sheets” activity here. Is there any other solution? Thank you so much!

Hi @Low_Hua_Kuan
can u try the expression below


Hi @Low_Hua_Kuan

try this

Hope this works

I want to check if the sheet for this week exists so my expression in if activity should be wb.GetSheets.Contains("“WK”&weeknum(today(),16)") right?

Hi @Low_Hua_Kuan

kindly try above two methods

HI @Low_Hua_Kuan

In studio X we having the Get Workbook sheet activity

Go to → Activity panel → Click on Filter → Enable the Show Developer

You can find the activity there.



Hi @Gokul001 ,

I can’t see the filter symbol… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Do I need to install any packages in order to see the symbol?


Welcome to uipath forum

Go to and login with your credentials

Then click on help button at the left bottom of the screen and it will take you to the resource page

There download the latest version of studioX community edition and with that you won’t have this issue

Have a view on this for details

Cheers @Low_Hua_Kuan

Download the latest version of the StudioX @Low_Hua_Kuan


Thanks everyone!! :smile:

Happy automation :grinning:


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