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I’m making a robot that on the confluence pages it accesses has to extract tables and there are check boxes on one of them. Is it possible to extract them with the datatable? My intention is not to have code repetition with Get Attribute.

Hi @dcmf ,

Check box on same column or different column?

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It’s better if you can attach a screenshot and tell us with desired output


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Same column


Check boxes can’t be read using Data Scraping activity. It will be read plain text only.

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Get the table by data scarping. As it is in the same column you should get the values.

Please share the screenshot for better understanding.

Captura de ecrã 2021-10-25 135739

You can do data scraping.

yes but data scrapping doesnt work with check boxes right?

did you try scarping the data?

It should give true/false or checked/unchecked as value i your table.

Is it possible to share the url? can give exact solution.

i cant sorry. But with Data Scrapping i only get the part of the text

When you scarp the table how you are getting the data? Show me the data please.

Try to scrap Checkbox first as first column then Abbreviation as second column

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The column i get is empty