Check if workflow is invoked or run?

Is it possible to check if a workflow is being called from an invoke or run as file?

I would like to build my workflow with default variables and divergent behaviour based on whether I am testing the full project or just a single file. I imagine it should be possible to do an if-statement to check if the current workflow is being invoked by another workflow, or being run with the “run file / debug file” command in Studio.

Hi @kbak

Though I don’t know if this is the most efficient way but give a try,

Create one argument for all the sub workflows with Boolean type , argument set to IN and set default value false.

If you are invoking the workflow pass the argument value as true.

In the workflow itself check the condition using an if activity of it is true or false and continue with your process.

Workflow invoked - true
If run from studio using run button - false


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