Check if Record from Excel 1 is Exist on Excel 2


how to check if “Person number” in Excel 1 is Exist on Excel 2(“Person Number”)

if Not Exist write remarks “Failed” on excel 1
if Exist Just Skip the record.

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  • Vincent

you can read the target excel using Read range in dt2

you can read the source excel in dt1 and then use for each data row for that.

In the loop, take the Person Number, and use a lookup datatable for dt2, in that pass the column name of the second excel “Person Number”, and take the rowindex output in a variable, intRow

if the intRow is less than 0 that means item do not exist, then you can mark that as Failed in a column of the the dt1

Remember, for each data row for the source data and lookup on the target data

Hope this helps!

hi @rahulsharma

Thanks for your response, but would you mind sharing a workflow or Screenshot of it?

sorry im having a hard time to figure it out.


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Hey @Vincent_Nuestro

Appreciate you tried. :+1:

Here is a workflow, this should help. (14.8 KB)


hi @rahulsharma

ir replace my Column Header

While using the write line, in the property panel. check the checkbox for Have Headers

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Thank you, it works now:) @rahulsharma

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