Check if document was printed sucessfully

I am printing documents from SAP CA51 transaction. The robot loops over part numbers in excel and then prints work instructions. Everything goes right but in some loops it do not print. In SAP it looks correctly printed but document is not printed on printer.

Is there some attribute in SAP or log in Windows to check if document was printed?

There is a message in SAP that say “request was sent”. But it do not mean that document was printed correctly.

There is also a windows tray icon but i find it difficult and unstable.

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I think that what might get your interest is to use this activity. I think that the option that gets the queue might help you.

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Thank you. I tried. I was getting always error that stated “Printer queue empty”. I am still not familiar with try catch so i managed to do other thing.
I found I can pin the printer icon in task bar in windows so the robot now wait for the icon to appear. First it have a queue of 1 document and then robot wait for the same icon with queue of 0 document.

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