How to check if a document was completely sent to the printer

Hi, This is Huyen
I’m creating a workflow for Attended Robot which prints documents by sending powershell command. Documents have to be sent one after another to avoid mixing order.
All my print commands are working well. My problem is that I couldn’t find a proper way to check if the previous file was sent COMPLETELY to the printers so that the robot can send next file.

These are some ways that I have tried but didn’t work well

  1. Detect the print job popup (shown after print job done) by using UI Element Exist Activity -> This didn’t work because the selector is valid and highlighted even when there is no popup, returns True all the time.
    I also tried Find Image Match -> it couldn’t detect the popup as a picture.
    I captured the popup by Snipping Tool and tried Find Image Match ->the Select has to contain Snipping Tool windows which is not used in my workflow

  2. Open the print queue window by command, check every print job was shown on this window by using UIElementExist Activity and wait until it vanishes by WaitUIElementVanish Activity
    -> This didn’t work because the print job was shown and disappear very fast, before the UIElementExist Activity starts detecting, it caused time out error while the file was sent to the printer successfully.

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Hello @gaubong0903
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if the print started , you can find some file under “C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS”
try to check this folder?

Hi, I’m having the same problem. Did you ever get a resolution to this?