Check if column values are present in another excel file

In my process there are 2 excels.

One contains employee details like first name, last name. There may be more than 100 emp details.

Second excel contains org. Org names like, the cound of org name is around 200

Sometimes org name can contain emp first or last in org name.

Is there any way to check if org name contains emp name except looping through each row.

I need to check each org name, if it contains any employee name from first excel.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Ulhas_Guttikar,

Check this,


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Have a view on this and use .Contains instead of .Equals in the mentioned expression

Cheers @Ulhas_Guttikar

Hi @Ulhas_Guttikar
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after checking the org name is containing first name or last name, what you need to do next ?
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Nived N

@Ulhas_Guttikar Can you share sample input and expected output

if any org name contain emp name, there is third excel file which will be updated.

If I get result in Boolean that can also work.