Check for Table data in mail body

Hello All…
I have a requirement where I need to check for and extract a table data else send a reminder…

As u can see in the image there is note and a table…

I am able to extract the note part into a seprate sheet and further I need to check for the table and extract it…
I am also able to extract the table but unable to get an “if” condition to check for the table is present or ont in the mail body.

Thanks and Plz excuse typos

Since the Month word is present only in the table, you can check if Mail Body contains Month while extracting mail message

you can try this custom activity @Pranay_Kumar_Bose

Hey @Pranay_Kumar_Bose ,

Please refer below thread for a solution

Thanks to everyone for the reply, but as I said above, I was able to extract the table from the mail.
The previous requirement was just to extract the tables from the mail, now the requirement is first to check for the table and then extract else send a reminder mail…

Ya I have done like this only, but posted in forum for if any better approach.


How are you extracting the table using table extraction?

If so then first use check app state to check if exists


Hi @Pranay_Kumar_Bose

=> You can use the save mail message activity to save the mails as .mht file.
=> Take Use application\browser activity to open the .mht file.
=> Insdie Use application\browser activity insert the check app state activity and indicate the table in the mail body.
=> In Target appears block insert the extract datatable activity to extract the table as datatatable and you can write the datatable in excel by using write range workbook activity.
=> In Target does not appear block Insert the send outlook mail message activity to send a remainder mail to the receipients.

Hope it helps!!