How to extract table data from mail body?

I need to extract data from table from mail body. I used extract tables from email activity. but it is not extracting properly. Please help me to solve this.


Could you please refer the below custom activity from Uipath market place. It might help your requirement. Thanks.

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@kirankumar.mahanthi1 Already i tried that custom activity . All the data are stored into “A” column only. Data are not extracted properly.


There are multiple approaches to read a DATATABLE from a mail body
Like data scrapping or converting the HTML mail body to DATATABLE

Have a view on this thread for multiple approaches

This component can help you convert the HTML to datatable that is it will read the mail and give the datasets in it

If you using this component
Then the steps involved will be like



In property HTMLText – item.Header(“HTMLBody”).ToString . This will extract the HTML code from the email and convert it into a string.

Cheers @BNK



I think we don’t have much options for this requirement. There is one approach like

  1. Get the mail body from the mail items.

  2. Convert that text to a html file.

  3. Open that html table in browser.

  4. Using extract table or extract structure activity to extract the data into data table.

  5. Use write range to write data back to excel.

Sharing my thought with the above high level steps.

And also please refrer the below link it is having some different approach to achieve the requirement you mentioned. is available for purchase -


Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1
I am not able to do step 3. because After completion of step 2 the data is not in table format.


Are you able to save as the text file to html. You can use open browser activity or start process activity to open in browser.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

I am able to save the text to html. But now the data not in table format.

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