Check datatable is nothing

Hi Everyone,back after long break
I just wanted to check if a datatable itself is nothing

Hi @Dileep_D

Just use

youDT.Rows.Count > 0

If it is greather than 0 it means that it is not empty


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Hi @Dileep_D

Have a If condition with below statement

IsNothing(your DT)

False -not null


Hi @fernando_zuluaga

Hi, I don’t want to check the contents of the table whether it is empty or not or whether it contains rows or columns, I want to check if the table itself is Nothing or Null

Hi @Dileep_D

You can use @fernando_zuluaga to check datatable row count

And I have provided a expression above please try that

Thanks @nikhil.girish @fernando_zuluaga

how about this?


Yes @fernando_zuluaga
@nikhil.girish statement and your statement both are working


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