Check data in multiple column


I have 2 files

  • File input
  • File MapData

I want to check value from file input (Column B,C,D and F) that same match in file Map Data (all 4 Columns in same row)

Remark : file Map data have multiple sheet

Please guide me for formular excel or VBA.

Thank you.

MapData.xlsx (11.9 KB)
input.xlsx (12.9 KB)


Follow the steps.

  1. Read the file input in to dt1 and mapdata into dt2 using read range
  2. Use for each row in datatatble with input as dt1 and in properties there ia property index…assign a variable to it(of type integer)
  3. Inside that use a if condition with currentrow("Category").ToString.Equals(dt2.Rows(index)("Category").ToString) and currentrow("Issue").ToString.Equals(dt2.Rows(index)("Issue").ToString) …if you need more conditions add and and add the same with the required columns
  4. On then side use curretnrow("Output") = "Y" in an assign activity and on else side use same with "N"

Hope this helps


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