Check conditions based of system datetime

Based on system datetime property i need to check ,
if the current date is first day of the month or not.
No of days in current month

Use “DateTime” struct for any datetime operations.
Details you could find in official .NET reference

e.g. to get day of current system date use:


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To find no. of days in a month.

     Int noOfDays = DateTime.DaysInMonth(DateTime.Now.Year,DateTime.Now.Month)

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" Now.Day.ToString " will give the current Day in String DataType, convert that to int and check condition, “Convert.ToInt32(Now.Day.ToString) = 1”, if it true then current day must be first day of the month.
“System.DateTime.DaysInMonth(Now.Year,Now.Month)” will give number of days in current month i “int32” DataType.