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Hi all,
i want to have a skype conversation using uipath ,
Now , the bot can automatically recognize that he has a new conversation and can type some text , but now i want to recognize the message sent back .
any idea please?

In the past, I created some form of a chatbot (similar to Nightbot from
I had to break each message by the timestamp and continually monitor for new messages, and check that the last message was not already processed during a loop.

I’m not an expert though and that was just me creating something cool inside a game that had a chat box and scripting abilities.

I’m not entirely sure how you would get the text from the skype conversation though. It looks as though UiPath sees the entire skype window as one element.

There are some Chat bots in UiPath Go! that you could look at maybe:

There might be some chat bots out there for Skype to reference looking here:
Google Search



I read in the Druid Chat Bot platform (found in Go!) that it works with Skype
“Chatting with the bots is possible in Intranet web pages (land bot page, skype for business, skype, slack or even in Facebook).”

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Thank you @ClaytonM

I have tried to extract the message sent , but i am getting all the details, i tried to read the message from the message box , but all want to read i just the message sent without the sender and the time
I only need to read the text in yellow , any idea please?

I would suggest maybe using Regex patterns.
You know it says “… message from … :” so you can use that with a look behind ("?<=")
And, you know that it always ends with a timestamp in format “hh:mm.”, so you can use a look ahead ("?=")

I’m not sure why there are commas, though.

Here is an example pattern that will get you close:

pattern = "(?<=((.*)a new message from(.*)\:))(.*)(?=([0-9]{2}\:[0-9]{2}\.$))"
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(extractedText, pattern).Value.Trim

Then, I’m just assuming you can get rid of the commas. Let’s use a combo of .Replace and .Split for that, so we can keep the commas in the middle of the text if there are any, and join it back together.
For example,
String.Join(",", newtext.Split({","}, System.StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) )

So, in the end, it might be like this:

String.Join(",", (","+System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(extractedText, pattern).Value.Replace(" ,","").Trim).Split({","},System.StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) ) ).Trim

I concatenated a comma to the Regex extraction so when the Split happens, there will always be alteast 1 comma, as it will throw an exception if no comma exists

I don’t know if that’s what you are looking for, but hope it helps.


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Can you please tell me what have you used in order to get that message notification?

i have used get full text activity to extract that message and put it in a message box .
But the problem with skype is that the selector is changing every time when answering the user so that is not really stable to automate.

I am Pankaj
i developed a program in uipath studio i want to add this program on my live website how to do it help me .


We can’t see developed code in UIpath studio. You can upload xaml file or take video of BOT running and upload it there.

Video and Xml These files are not being sent. plz send me your mail id i send you in detail .

Hi, I am going to automate skype for business first time , but i am unable to perform any of the below steps
Can any one help, a sample xaml file will be a great help

steps are -

open skype for bussiness
go to the dropdown next to settings
select meet now.
then log out from skype
sign in again

Can you plz share xaml file this is my mail

Facing issue on clicking an option in hamburger menu which open on mouse over.
The menu closes when waiting period of 5 seconds is over. How to resolve this?

How did you activate twitch tv? I can’t do How should I do this?

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