Getting Skype for Business Notification

I am trying to get any new notifications from skype for business so if someone will write something, I should capture this.

I only need to know if anybody writes anything to me but it would be great to also get the name of the person or the message. Bottomline, while the skype application is open I need to capture the event of someone writing to me (aka capture when the skype taskbar turns orange)

I saw something similar here: Chat communication - #6 by ClaytonM where @teyssir managed to do just that but I don’t know how he managed to get the message.

I also found a package named Microsoft.SkypeforBusiness.TrustedApplication but when I try to install it I get this error:

So what would be the best approach in solving this issue?

Like I said, I need something simple that would only notify if anything new happens but would be great to be able to also interact over skype.

Hello ,
You should trigger the new notification (the image that is shown when you receive a new message)
Then click on each conversation and extract the message

Thank you @teyssir for your input but skype for business is a bit different so there’s no popup image when someone writes to you but only the bottom tray bar will turn orange. Also, as a difference from the traditional skype there are 2 bottom tray bars, one for the skype application where you have the list of people and the other one where you have active conversations.

So I need to be able to capture the bottom tray bar turning orange but I am stuck at a even simpler task - clicking or at least locating the 2nd bottom tray bar, the one holding the conversations. This is why:

When using the Desktop recorder to locate the conversation tray bar, I get the following selectors:

Notice the last one is the name of the person that I am currently chatting with, but the name will change so I have to deselect the name selector. Doing that will result in not getting any result, so the tray bar cannot be located.

In fact, all tray bars are seen as “push button” even if I have chrome, explorer or skype tray bar.