Character replaced with =?utf-8?b?4oCT?= from table in email body

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that while the robot reads a table embedded in an email body, the character - was replaced with =?utf-8?b?4oCT?=. I would like to keep - instead of =?utf-8?b?4oCT?=.

The current process is

  1. save email as .eml file
  2. Read .eml file as text file.
  3. Save string between opening and closing html tag as .html file
  4. Open html in browser which only has the table and use data scraping activity to populate a datatable
  5. I can see if I open the .eml file in notepad the - character in the table has been replace with =?utf-8?b?4oCT?=. Is there any way I can change this and other characters that may be affected in same way back to their original form?


Hi @FrankH,

Try this

In Read Text File Activity Properties Encoding=“UTF-8”
For more


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