Channel API's

When try to remove members from team channel by using API. But can’t able to remove the user. Showing an Invalid user ID but the user ID is correct only.
The API is used is “{id}/channels/{id}/members/{id}
Error Message: “code”: “BadRequest”,\r\n “message”: "Invalid id . How to solve this?

Hi @Ganesh_Kumar_Ramacha,

Can you please elaborate this issue

Sure @SamanGuruge
Need to remove an member form the Microsoft Team Channel. The channel type is Private. I used Delete Conversation Member API. The API is “[{id}/channels/{id}/members/{id}". I passed the Team ID, Channel ID and Members ID in the URL. I check the ID’s which are correct only. But getting an error message as
message": "{\r\n “error”: {\r\n “code”: “BadRequest”,\r\n “message”: “Invalid id ‘###’ provided.”,\r\n “innerError”: {\r\n “request-id”: “”,\r\n “date”: “2020-06-10T06:20:48”\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}