Changing the TypeArgument of a Flow Decision creates a mess

Hello! There is a quite annoying bug in the flow switch. It has been there for a while (always?).

If you change the TypeArgument of a Flow Switch you often get surprised by several things. The name of the switch is deleted, all annotations are deleted, and the arrows into the switch and out of the switch are swapped/moved/everything looks chaotic. The switch also jumps to the lower left corner of the screen.

Depending on how unlucky you are, you many need many clicks to fix this. At least two arrows must be moved (start and end point of the arrow leading into the switch)… The switch itself must be moved into place… And you have to enter the title and annotation again.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a flow switch. The default type is Int, you can keep that.
  • Set the DisplayName. Create some cases, which leads to other workflows
  • Add an annotation to the switch
  • Change type from Int to String

Recognize how the workflow arrow is not leading into the middle of the switch but to the left side. Also notice that the title and annotations are gone…

I hope you can take note of this to the next update of studio. Thank you a lot!