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I have a report that I do every day. I receive this report every morning from somewhere, but I do not receive the entire report, but only a certain part. However, there is a situation that changes every day in the part I buy. For example, if the line I want to take one day is 67, the next day it can be 69. For reasons not caused by me. How can I copy this correctly to other excel file? I don’t want to do it manually every day by doing read rows. I would really appreciate if you can help.

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This row that you’re looking for, what are the telling features about this line? Is there a certain column containing a certain value which you look out for?
Can you please share an example of what type of data may be in rows 67 and 69, going by your example?

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Without manually entering the row order. How can I get the robot to read automatically?

Is it possible to find line spacing by searching a word in the table? Because the lines in a certain range are combined.


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It would be great if you provide some example screenshots of input and expected output

Hope this will help to understand your usecase


I cannot share screenshots because I am a new member. Sorry.

This is the line differences I want to mention. If you notice, one range is 67-83, while the other range is 74-92. I gave the ranges I mentioned as an example. Because it can change every day.

I also want the robot to detect these intervals automatically. The cells between the ranges I mentioned are combined.

Can you give a sample of what data are you looking for?
Is there a certain text you’re looking for in this range? It’s okay if you’re unable to share screenshots yet, just mention a dummy data in text format.

What is the column value at say column A of the start of the range?

As you can see in the table, I want to copy the numbers in the place where it says “Hafif Ticari” and in other columns.

@Erdem_Hamza Do you want the Highlighted part as the Output ?

Also, If possible can you send the excel file as well. There might be a pattern to use around “Total” and the keyword “HAFIF TICARI” to get the required values from the other columns, but I would say it would all depend on the format of the excel file and How the required values are being positioned in the excel.

I do not think we can use this as the pattern as it has a set of different ranges. So this would not be much helpful.

Hello, thank you for your help. I had to delete some places in the Excel file because it contains confidential information. The part I want to use in the robot will only be the part indicated in yellow, and your model name and total approach written there made sense. I think it will be more effective if we go from the model names.RPA excel.xlsx (15.5 KB)

@Erdem_Hamza Can you check this workflow : (17.3 KB)

Also make sure to check it with different inputs. Revert back if it is not according to your requirements.

Thank you very much my brother worked. I will also have other questions for you. Can I write them as a message?
Thank you so much.

@Erdem_Hamza Yes. You can ask the questions. You can put me a private message but I would suggest you to create a new post so that you would get different answers and a different point of view to your Questions. Also I’ll be busy and will not be able to reply immediately :sweat_smile:

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