Change the name in Diploma certificate


Can anyone please help me to change the name in my Diploma certificate.

Currently its showing as Shajan Jose, I need to change this to Maria Jose Shajin L

My username in UiPath Academy - shajanjose

Registered Mail id -

1_9_84921_1523559079_RPA Developer Foundation Diploma (1).pdf (719.4 KB)


Hi @shajanjose,

Send a message to @Roxana_Stratila


3 times Sent message to Roxana for the last 2 days not getting any response from her…

HI @shajanjose,

I am a normal community user. I don’t know y .

I forward this to @ovi and @badita.

Thank you

Hi @shajanjose

The registered mail id you provided is not in the Academy. I could find you by the username with this email address:

Also, I will forward this to see how I can change your name on the Diploma and get back to you with updates.


Hello! Today I completed RPA Foundation training and noticed a typo in my last name on the diploma. How can I correct this in diploma?

Hi @glbv

Please contact our Academy team here to resolve that :slight_smile:


I contacted the academy team but it doesn’t work.
I want to solve it in today, what should I do?

Hi @leesy9379

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

The Academy Support form should indeed be the fastest way to resolve your issue.