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Current format cell in Excel = “Custom” - “h:mm” (example 7:15).
I would like to change this format into text. But if I do it manually, the output becomes : 0.302083333333333. It should remain 7:15.

My question : which activity should I use to change the format and keeping the text?
Already tried with Balareva activities, unfortunately not knowing how to manage.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @pilisan

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Have a look to the below thread :-

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Hi @pilisan

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check this video . you can get clear idea.


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Hello @Pratik_Wavhal,

I’ve already seen this video and I’m afraid this won’t help me further, but thanks already for responding.

I would like to have an in-depth sight into the needed activities and corresponding parameters.
I tried different scenario’s but without result.

Important to know that the destination Excel file include macro’s/formulas.

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Thank you guys for responding!
Meanwhile, after lots of trial and error, I found a solution.


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