Change formula to value in excel

Hi, I have formulas in my certain cells in the excel. How can I change it to value?

Any suggestions?

Thank you xoxo

Hello @sangasangasanga

You can use Write Cell Activitie

Hi, I am writing the formula using write cell activity also. Could you pls elaborate?


Maybe I didn’t understand your question.

Do you need change the value in cell to which type of value?

There is a formula in the cell

I would like to change it to value like below

You can pass the value in Write Cell Activitie this way “Printing Services” or "=Printing Services’’

If I understood what you are saying correctly, I wouldn’t know the value of the formula for each cell as it changes every time

hey @sangasangasanga , did you get the solution for this?


Please refer this link :

I have used the Vba code and invoked it in my workflow.

Hi @sangasangasanga

  1. Use read cell activity from workbook and read the perticular cell value.
  2. Keep the value in a temporary veriable.
  3. Use write range activity and pass the temporary variable in it.

I just tried above steps and its working fine.
Let me know the feedback.

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