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Hello Community,

File Name : File_11052022_1158.xlsx (The filename changes every day according to the date and time)

NewName : Uipath.xlsx

This job will be made everyday

How can i change the dynamic filename everyday ?


You can use either copy file or move activity and provide the New name in the destination.

Or is there any other specific requirement? Directory.Getfiles(“Folderpath”). can give you the list of filenames also.

Hi @alper_ozyurt ,

First using directory.get files you can find the list of all files in the input folder .
Using creation time we can get the latest file
Then we can use Move file activity and pass the required name

Also if we want we can rename the file using Rename function in C# using Invoke Code

merhaba @Sam_Abraham ,

thank you for your help,

different every day because the filename is dynamic.

Is there a sample workflow?

Rename (67.9 KB)
Hi You can use the attched file for reference

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