Change color to a text in Word document


I have to change the color of a text in Word document dinamically, so it’s not just one.

I use Replace Text activity to fill the word document and some text i need to change the color to red.

How can i do this?

I saw that i can use Color.Red inside the Replace Text activity but it’s giving an error, maybe i don’t know how to use it.

I can’t use shortcuts inside Word to change the color because i can’t “click” inside the word to a specific text.

Please help, thanks.

Hi @Jambor_Norbert,
You could use send hotkey activity with “ctrl+f” to find text and then another shorcut or click activities to change text color.


You are a genius, i tried manually and it works, but when i program the robot with Send Hotkey “Ctrl + F” it actually triggers another window which normally open with “Ctrl + D” … so right now it’s not working with the robot.

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make sure the send hotkey is inside the active Word window. You could also create macros to use custom hotkeys for colors that you use more and go easier on the robot :slight_smile: see something about it here .

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Yeah i allready created a macro for the color change, i made it to be “Alt + R”, so that’s working … and the send hotkey it’s inside the word window because it’s triggers a font changing window instead of the find window and idk why


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